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Greens for Good

All pets are special, and rescue animals and their advocates have always had an extra special place in our hearts. We believe that every animal deserves a safe and loving home. From our beginning, we’ve looked for ways to support the rescue communities that give so much to help pets in search of their perfect forever home. After last year’s long winter, spring was on our minds early. As we began dreaming of green leaves and spring gardens, the idea came to us! What if we planted a fresh greens garden at Oxbow – just for rescue pets in need?! As a company committed to premium nutrition for small pets, the idea was perfect!... Read More.

How to Support Your Pet’s Instinctual Hiding Behaviors Video

How to Support Your Pet’s Instinctual Hiding Behaviors Video

Hiding is an instinctual behavior of small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. Even in captivity, all small pets need a place to rest and relax from environmental stressors. Watch as Dr. Micah Kohles of Oxbow Animal Health provides some quick tips on how to support this instinctual behavior.... Read More.

What Should I Feed My Pet Rat?

What Should I Feed My Pet Rat?

What should you feed your pet rat? How can you support your rat's omnivorous diet? Learn more about what vegetables, greens, grains, proteins, fruits, and fats are appropriate to feed your rat.... Read More.