Meaningful Solutions for Pet Health

Ever since John Miller founded Oxbow Animal Health on his family farm in 1980, setting new standards for the betterment of overall pet health has been a cornerstone of everything we do. In response to veterinarian concerns that small animals were not getting their nutritional needs met on an exclusive diet of alfalfa hay, we were the first pet care company to pioneer high-fiber hay combinations that closely mimic what the animals would eat naturally, which has become our flagship line of animal nutrition.

We also worked with vets to develop age- and stage-of-life specific series of pet foods, as well as an industry-leading line of veterinarian-referred professional products to ensure that the nutritional needs of small pets are met when they are recovering from an illness or injury.

“For Oxbow, improving the lives of small animals is our main business, not a sideline,” says Melissa Ross, Vice President of Marketing at Oxbow Animal Health. “That’s why we have an advisory board comprised of leading exotic vets and nutritionists to help us truly understand the nutritional and care needs of the animals we serve.”

Thanks to animal health professionals, we have been able to make significant strides in the quality and longevity of the lives of small pets. "Time and time again, we have heard from veterinarians, people in the rescue community and pet families that they are consistently feeding their pets these products, and they know the pets are living longer because of it,” Ross says. “It's really gratifying to know you can make such a difference."