Academic Scholarships

At Oxbow, we know that today’s students are tomorrow’s veterinary leaders. The annual Oxbow Academic Scholarships provide financial support to aspiring veterinarians and vet techs, as well as other future animal health professionals. Since 2005, we have been proud to support the future of veterinary medicine and care through this important annual program.

Academic Scholarship FAQs

Nebraska High School Scholarship

We are passionate about fostering interest in companion animals at all stages of education. Oxbow Animal Health’s Nebraska High School Senior Scholarship is for Nebraska high school seniors planning to pursuing an education and career in the companion animal industry.

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Undergraduate Scholarship

A quality education is an essential foundation for a career involving companion animals. Oxbow Animal Health’s Undergraduate Scholarship is for students currently enrolled in a college or university who have demonstrated a career interest in companion animals.

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Veterinary Technology Scholarship

Veterinary technicians are essential team members in every veterinary practice. Oxbow understands the need for highly-trained and qualified veterinary technicians, especially in exotic animal medicine. Oxbow Animal Health’s Veterinary Technology Scholarships are for students currently enrolled in a vet tech program who show a strong interest in pursuing a career in small and exotic animal medicine.

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Veterinary Medicine Scholarship

Non-traditional animal species are becoming more popular as pets throughout the world. There is a greater need for an understanding of the husbandry and health care of these exotic pets. Oxbow Animal Health’s Veterinary Medicine Scholarship is for students currently enrolled in a veterinary school and demonstrate an interest in small and exotic animal medicine.

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