Innovative Product, Meaningful Solutions

“If you look anywhere across our line, pretty much everything we've done has been market-driven,” says Jeremy Baker, Vice President of Strategic Business Development at Oxbow Animal Health, on the company’s history of innovation. “We’re constantly focused on what these animals need from a nutritional perspective and how our products deliver to meet those needs.”

One example is our Timothy hay. Longtime industry veterans may remember a time when small pets were being fed alfalfa hay almost exclusively -- which did not serve their complete nutritional needs. Oxbow worked with vets and other animal health professionals to develop multiple lines of high-fiber hay combinations that closely mimic what the animals would eat naturally.

We also pioneered the concept of species-specific and stage-of-life-specific formulas, which has since become an industry standard, and innovated a line of veterinarian-referred professional products to ensure that the nutritional needs of small pets are met when they are recovering from an illness or injury.

“We listen to the needs of people who work with pets and their families directly to understand where the gaps are and what they are struggling with, and we work with them to find meaningful solutions,” says Melissa Ross, our Vice President of Marketing.

Ross says that many of the types of ailments that cause small pets to visit the vet can be traced back to diet and digestion, which makes meeting their nutritional needs vitally important.

"Time and time again, we have heard from veterinarians, people in the rescue community and pet families that they are consistently feeding their pets these products, and they know the pets are living longer because of it,” she says. “It's really gratifying to know you can make such a difference."