Grants, Scholarships, & Camps

At Oxbow, we are passionate about doing our part to support animal health, both present and future. Two important ways that we provide this support annually are through our academic scholarships and rescue grants. We invite you to learn more about how these important programs. If you an aspiring veterinary professional or involved with a rescue organization, please consider applying for support.

2022 Academic Scholarship Program FAQs

Academic Scholarships

Receiving a quality education is a critical step in becoming a qualified veterinary professional. Oxbow recognizes that financing education can be a serious challenge for students at all levels. Each year, our Academic Scholarships help ease this burden by providing financial support to aspiring veterinarians and vet techs, as well as other future animal health professionals. We are honored to make this annual investment in the future of animal medicine and care.

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Rescue Grants

The work of small animal advocates is essential to advancing education and pet care. We are proud to support these groups in an ongoing manner through grants, sponsorships, product discounts and emergency assistance.  Our Annual Rescue Grants provide up to $20,000 in financial and product support to deserving shelter and rescue organizations each year.

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Veterinarian Camps 

Oxbow's Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Veterinarian Camps are designed especially for children who have a passion for animals and veterinary medicine.  These camps encourage this passion by introducing campers to the word of veterinary science via hands-on activities and learning.

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