Meaningful Innovation for Your Pets

Ever since John Miller founded Oxbow Animal Health on his family farm in 1980, meaningful innovation has been a cornerstone of everything we do.

Just what is meaningful innovation?

“It’s innovation with the specific goal of improving and enriching the lives of pets and their caregivers,” says Melissa Ross, Vice President of Marketing at Oxbow.

Oxbow does this by listening closely to the feedback of pet families, veterinarians, pet rescue professionals, retailers and others to stay on top of any pet needs that aren’t being met. Over the years, this approach has revolutionized how the world cares for small pets.

“We’re very proud that we were first to market with Timothy-hay based formulas for small pets,” says Vice President of Strategic Business Development, Jeremy Baker. “When you think back to 20 years ago, everyone thought that these animals only needed alfalfa, but it really wasn’t the most nutritious thing for all pets all the time. So we worked with veterinarians to develop multiple lines of high-fiber hay combinations that closely mimic what the animals would eat naturally.”

Our flagship line of pet food products is both species- and stage-of-life-specific. “We were the first company to recognize that a rabbit’s nutritional needs are different from a guinea pig, and a young animal’s needs are different from an adult’s,” says Ross.

Oxbow was also the first small pet product company to offer a line of veterinarian-referred professional products that set the industry standard for ensuring that the nutritional needs of small pets are met when they are recovering from an illness or injury.

"We're constantly asking ourselves how to better meet the needs of these pets from a nutritional perspective, enrichment and overall care," says Baker. "As we continue to grow, we're really excited about the ways that Oxbow's team can advance the well-being of small pets."

Ross adds, "Time and time again, we have heard from veterinarians, people in the rescue community and pet families that they are consistently feeding their pets these products, and they know the pets are living longer because of it. It's really gratifying to know you can make such a difference."