Puzzle Fun with Pets

Written by Oxbow

September 27, 2021🞄

Many small pets love the challenge of puzzles, especially when they’re associated with a tasty reward!  The Wooden Puzzler makes an enriching addition to every small pet’s habitat, with almost endless options for encouraging enriching, interactive play.  Here are some of our favorite configurations for using the Wooden Puzzler to offer pellets or healthy treats to our pets.

Place all the cups down

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt?  One of our favorite ways to use the Wooden Puzzler is to place food or healthy treats under select cups while leaving others empty.  Your furry friend will use their superb sense of smell to track down their favorite treats (and will likely check them all, just to be sure).

Place all the cups up

We get it.  Sometimes, we’re less motivated to work for our food, and our pets certainly are no exception.  For life’s less motivated moments, the Wooden Puzzler can still add an element of enrichment and fun to enjoying your favorite food or treats.  Sprinkle some food in select cups and enjoy watching your little loved one nibble at their leisure.

Mix it up

Try placing the cups throughout your pet’s habitat, stacked in a variety of configurations.  Six natural wood cups means up to six hidden little treasures throughout the habitat!  For extra enrichment, offer different rewards under the individual cups.

Offer pellets or treats in the center

The center circle makes the ideal serving tray for a small pile of pellets or healthy treat of your pet’s choice.  Try placing small bites of your pet’s favorite greens, veggies, or hay in the outside cups for a true healthy smorgasbord!

Stack the cups for interactive play

Now, for the really fun part!  Even if your pet isn’t particularly hungry, they will still have a blast knocking down stacked cups.  Trust us…you’ll likely get tired of stacking the cups for your pet long before they tire of knocking them down.

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