July 01, 2019

Ways to Keep Your Pet Calm During Fireworks

Happy 4th of July! While fireworks, sparklers, and the holiday hoop-la may be a blast for we humans, our furry friends can be less than thrilled at the sounds and noises associated with our festivities. How can you keep your pet calm during the fireworks this evening? Take these simple steps to provide the extra nurturing that your pet may need tonight.

Draw the Curtains

Blocking light can decrease the amount of firework flashes your pet sees.

Turn on the TV

A radio or TV show can help dampen the noise of some fireworks.

Provide Plenty of Hiding Spots

Your Pet will want to hide when they feel unsafe, so they should have a least one hiding space.

Plan Snacks

Leaving your pet's favorite snack near their hiding place could give them a short distraction.

Talk to Your Pet

Your pet is likely to find your voice soothing, so talking to them might comfort them.

Talk to Your Neighbors

If you have understanding neighbors, they might be willing to reduce the amount of larger fireworks they use.

Stay Home

Not that excited about your plans? Your pet values your presence and might benefit from you staying home.

Stick to Sparklers

If you're hosting this year, choose fireworks that don't make as much noise. Your pet (and other animals in the neighborhood) will thank you!