June 09, 2022

Top 10 Toys and Accessories for Ferrets

With their curious minds and playful spirits, ferrets deserve a habitat space that’s as playful and engaging as their personalities.  With the right accessories, you can transform your ferret’s living space into an enrichment playground that will keep them mentally and physically engaged all day long. 

Here are our Top 10 toys and accessories for your favorite furry friend.  

1. Honeycomb Hammock & Fleece Hammock

Perfect for: Hiding

Speaking of snoozing, did you know ferrets catch around 16 hours of z’s each day?  With this in mind, it’s essential to provide a variety of safe, comfy options to help meet your ferret’s intense napping needs.  Nothing says comfy rest like fleece.  Ferrets love the added excitement of crawling into our Fleece Hammock and Honeycomb Hammock where they can sink in and escape the worries of the world. 

2. Pull & Seek

Perfect for: Exploring, Playing

Who doesn’t love a puzzle?  We know that your ferret does!  That’s why the Enriched Life Pull & Seek is the perfect addition to your ferret’s living space.  The Pull & Seek conveniently attaches to habitat or X-pen walls.  Just fill the drawers with your ferret’s favorite food or treat and enjoy watching them slide open the drawers to retrieve the prize inside.  Refill and repeat! 

3. Dream Cottage

Perfect For: Hiding

Have you ever wondered what your ferret dreams of while he’s sleeping?  Whether his subconscious is focused on frolicking, eating his favorite food, or weasel war dancing his way further into your heart, he is sure to love the cozy accommodations of our Dream Cottage.  This deluxe, ferret-friendly dwelling provides an ideal place to hide away and is fit for a ferret king.    

4. Forage Pot

Perfect for: Exploring, Playing

Eating straight from the bowl is great, but it can become boring for even the most routine-loving pets.  Enter the Forage Pot – one of several great enrichment accessories designed to encourage ferrets and other small animals to work for their food.  Natural predators like ferrets will especially appreciate the opportunity to hunt for their kibble or favorite snack. 

5. Woven Hide & Cozy Cave

Perfect for: Hiding

Did someone say it’s time for a cozy snooze?  We think it’s a great idea, and your ferret is sure to agree.  Our Woven Hides and Cozy Caves provide a safe, secure, and supremely comfy space for napping an afternoon away.  Plus, the more hide options your ferret has, the less likely he is to sneak away somewhere less safe, so why not treat him to both?  

6. Rolly & Wobble Teasers

Perfect for: Exploring, Playing

 It’s time to put some motion in mealtime!  We all know ferrets are clever and curious to no end, and our Rolly Teaser and Wobble Teaser provide the perfect reward-based puzzles to keep your little loved one entertained and nourished.  You’re likely to enjoy watching your ferret play with these interactive feeders almost as much as he enjoys setting them in motion and reaping the rewards…almost.

7. Play Garden

Perfect for: Exploring, Playing

Even your carnivore is sure to enjoy playing with these veggies! With it fun, garden-themed design, the Enriched Life Play Garden is designed to engage your pet’s instinctual playing and exploring behaviors.  Your ferret will no doubt have a blast making off with the puzzle pieces and we know you’ll have just as much fun hunting for them! 

8. Garden Variety Rocker

Perfect for: Exploring, Playing

You can never have too many options for offering food and treats in engaging ways.  The Garden Variety Rocker is another fun and interactive way to offer your ferret’s favorite nourishment while supporting mental and physical enrichment in the process. 

9. Garden Forage Puzzle

Perfect for: Exploring, Playing

Like the Play Garden, our Garden Forage Puzzle features veggies your ferret can get behind.  Your ferret will have hours of foraging fun as he retrieves his favorite kibble or food from the cups of this puzzle.  Place the Garden Forage Puzzle wherever your ferret enjoys spending time throughout the day and enjoy watching him snack!

10. Treat House

Perfect for: Exploring, Playing

A house filled with treats?  Yes, please!  The Treat House is another great way to encourage your ferret to work for his food and treats.  Like the Pull & Seek, the Treat House easily attaches to habitat or X-pen walls and makes a fun, enriching addition to your little loved one’s domain.