April 16, 2019

Make Mine Chocolate

While surprising a loved one with a rabbit seems like the perfect way to celebrate Easter, a real rabbit isn’t a great impulsive purchase. Here are some reasons to choose a chocolate rabbit for Easter instead:

Your kids aren’t as likely to lose interest in a chocolate rabbit

Children’s interests often change as they age and they may lose interest in having a pet. Loss of interest is one of the most common reasons small animals are surrendered to shelters.

Chocolate rabbits don’t need space to run and play

Rabbits need lots of space to stay healthy. This means a big commitment on your part to pet-proof your home and to set aside time daily for your rabbit to be out of their enclosure.

Chocolate rabbits don’t have repeat expenses

A real rabbit requires regular veterinary care, hay, bedding, fortified food, veggies, a proper enclosure, and enrichment options. These expenses can add up quickly!

You don’t need to surrender a chocolate rabbit

Roughly 4 out of 5 rabbits bought for Easter end up abandoned or in shelters. Every year, surrender rates spike after Easter, putting a strain on shelter resources and personnel.