July 29, 2020

Introducing Our New, More Sustainable 90 Ounce Hay Packaging

In the coming weeks, you will begin to see a familiar but updated presence on the shelf at your favorite pet store.  We are excited to share that our 90 oz Western Timothy and Hay Blends – Western Timothy + Orchard Grass hay packaging is in the process of receiving an exciting facelift.  In addition to an updated look, the new 90 oz packaging offers some meaningful features that are worth highlighting:  

Now Easy-To-Recycle!

We receive regular feedback from customers who want what’s best for the environment – both in the products they purchase and the material in which they’re packaged.  We recognize that taking care of the environment is a shared responsibility and are happy to announce a significant improvement in the recyclability of our 90 oz hay packaging.  Our new packaging is now symbol 2 recyclable, making it easy to recycle through many conventional recycling programs.            

Less Packaging Material = Less in the Landfill

When you purchase Western Timothy 90 ounce in the new packaging for the first time, the first thing you are likely to notice is that the package looks and feels a little smaller and more compact than before.  By compressing your favorite hay slightly more within the bag, we have been able to reduce the amount of packaging material used for our 90 oz Western Timothy and Hay Blends – Western Timothy + Orchard Grass by 17%.  

Wait – You’re Not Changing the Product Itself, Are You!?!

Absolutely not!  Rest assured that you’ll be receiving the same premium Oxbow hay you’re used to – just in a smaller, easier-to-recycle package, leading to a lessened impact on the environment.  How much of an impact, you ask?  The reduction in packaging material, coupled with improved recyclability, will help us divert more than 105,000 lbs of packaging from the landfill on an annual basis!

Updated Look with Improved Graphics

We know it always pays to look your best, so we’ve taken the opportunity to freshen up the look of our 90 oz hays!  The biggest differences you’ll notice on the new package are the addition of some key product features and logos called out on the front panel.  Feature call outs include:

Grown Specifically for Small Pets

We work with our family of farmers to grow hay that meets the preferences of small pets.

High in Fiber for Digestive and Dental Health

Oxbow’s early cut hay provides the high fiber your pet needs to be healthy and happy.

Premium Oxbow Quality

Using our exclusive process, we grade, de-dust, and hand-sort our hay. 

Hay is essential to the health and happiness of your small pets, and we are proud to provide the highest quality hay to meet the taste and texture preferences of your beloved fur babies.  We hope you enjoy our new 90 ounce hay packaging and invite you to check out these great resources to learn more about the important role hay plays in your pet’s daily diet:  

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