June 28, 2019

Ideal Temperatures for Small Pets

Much like their human counterparts, small exotic animals are susceptible to summer heat. So how can you keep your pet small pet safe and comfortable during the warm summer months? Read on to learn more about best practices when it comes to ideal room temperatures as well as tip-top cool down ideas for small exotic pets. 

Ideal Temperatures for Small Pets

How cool or warm should you keep the space where your pet's habitat resides?

Rabbits and chinchillas thrive at 60-70º F (median 65º). Guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, do well in areas that are kept between 65-75º F (median 70). Similarly, ferrets are content at temperatures between 60-80º (median 70º). Rats, on the other hand, enjoy it to be a little warmer at 65-80º F (median 72.5º). Hedgehogs and sugar gliders enjoy even warmer temperatures ranging between 70-80º F (median 75º).


How to Keep Your Pet Comfortable in the Summer

Want to know some easy ways to keep your pet cool during the hot summer months? 

  • Provide a frozen water bottle for your pet to lie near when they’re feeling the heat. Monitor your pet for excessive chewing behaviors that require removal of the bottle.
  • Place an untreated stone tile in their habitat to stand on. Most pet stores sell tiles specifically for this purpose.
  • Provide a small snack of species-appropriate veggies from the fridge when daily temperatures are warmest.
  • Make sure your pet’s habitat and play area are out of direct sunlight.
  • Include an area in your pet’s habitat where they can escape any drafts or air flows they might find unpleasant (such as air from a fan, window, or A/C).
  • Always provide two sources of clean drinking water for your pet. Some pets might drink more water in warmer temperatures, so be sure to check water levels throughout the day.