June 19, 2020

How We’re Addressing Systemic Racism and Social Injustice

The brutal death of George Perry Floyd Jr. and the ensuing protests and social unrest is forcing all of us to confront some terrible, heartbreaking truths that exist in our society. Oxbow Animal Health unequivocally stands in solidarity with the courageous voices calling for an end to systemic racism and injustice. This reckoning in America has driven us to do some soul-searching and truth-seeking about diversity and inclusion at Oxbow. As a company, we have always striven to do the right thing. To treat everyone with respect and dignity. To act with integrity. To ensure that everyone can enjoy the journey. All employees deserve this – without regard to the color of their skin, their ethnic heritage, their gender, their age, where they worship, or whom they love. As a member of the Oxbow family, every employee deserves equal respect, dignity, resources, and love. That’s what we believe in. We are committed to creating a workforce that is welcoming, inclusive and equitable for every employee. Oxbow is making donations to local and national organizations that promote social justice and provide services to the most vulnerable members of our society. We will be supporting the National Urban League, the NAACP, the African American Empowerment Network, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. While these donations are important, we know that meaningful social change requires much more than money. By participating, advocating, learning, and improving, we are committed to being the social change our nation needs.

- Deb Buhro, CEO Oxbow Animal Health