January 03, 2019

Fun Ways to Feed A Variety of Hays (Handout)

By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of offering a regular variety of hays to your pets.  In addition to encouraging natural foraging behaviors and keeping mealtime fun and interesting, regular access to a variety of hays helps prevent pets from becoming picky eaters.  So, what are some fun ways to mix and match your pet’s favorite Oxbow hays?  Here are some of our favorite flavor and texture combinations:

Timothy + Orchard – The Classic Blend
Pets love this enriching, balanced blend of our two most popular hays.  For added convenience, you can purchase this combination pre-blended as our Hay Blends – Western Timothy + Orchard! 

Oat + Orchard – The Crunch & Munch
Two favorites from opposite ends of the texture spectrum!  Pets love our nutty, crunchy oat hay and our soft and sweet Orchard Grass.  Blend these two texture stars together for a perfect blend of crunchy & soft.   

Orchard + Botanical – The Soft & Sweet
How do you make the soft texture and sweet flavor of Orchard Grass even better?  Mix in some Botanical Hay!  This herb-infused combo is sure to brighten even the pickiest eater’s day!

Organic Meadow + Timothy – The Nature Lover
Our Organic Meadow Hay is a favorite of pets and Mother Nature.  Mix in some Western Timothy to create a crunchy, fiber-packed powerhouse that you can feel good about!  The perfect combo for that nature lover in your life! 
Botanical + Organic Meadow – The Organic Herb Garden
This savory, nature-inspired blend will evoke imagery of lavender fields as far as the eye can see.  Blend Mother Nature’s favorite hay with the wonderful herbal aroma and flavors of Botanical Hay and you’ve got yourself an environmentally-friendly winner! 

Mixing Tip: Add a pinch of alfalfa to any hay combination to make it even more enticing for your pet!  Just remember that adult herbivores should only receive alfalfa in small quantities.