February 18, 2020

February Pet of the Month

Congratulations to February's Pet of the Month, Henry (AKA Henry Lop Holland) and his pet parent, Valeriya!

How old is Henry?

Henry is an 11-week old baby Holland Lop.

What is his favorite Oxbow product(s)?

Henry is an adventurous, inquisitive and fast-growing baby bunny, so he needs the right feed to help fuel his day. He relies on and LOVES a combination of Oxbow Simple Harvest Young Rabbit Food & Oxbow Timothy Meadow Hay.

How long has your pet been a part of your family?

He's only been home 3 weeks but in our hearts since we first met 6 weeks ago.

Do you have any fun stories about your pet that you'd like to share with us?

Henry was born on a 400-acre horse farm and seems to get along fine with other types of animals. He also may be part dog, he likes to chew on his dad's shoes sometimes.

What are Henry's favorite pastimes?

Henry loves exploring and has recently been taking walks outside and even visited a park where he got to run around and explore nature. He also loves to eat, sleep, play with his parents and binky jump a lot.

Check our Henry on Instagram at his handle @henry.l.holland! 

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