April 17, 2019

5 Quick Tips for Supporting Your Pet’s Playing Instincts

1. Keep playtime safe and natural

Your pet’s safety should always be your #1 focus at playtime. Focus on chews and toys that are made of all-natural materials, including hay, natural fibers (e.g. sisal), untreated wood, and vegetable-based dyes.

2. Rotate items regularly for enriching play

Variety isn’t just for mealtime! Provide options at playtime to keep pets mentally stimulated and physically active all day. Rotate chews regularly to keep your pet engaged.

3. Make play an interactive part of every day

Your pet will enjoy playtime even more when you engage in the activity with them. Use your pet’s favorite toys to interact during playtime. Toys with a noise component are particularly fun for interactive play.

4. Combine chews and toys with other everyday staples

Create a game of “hide and seek” to make playtime even more enriching. Hide your pet’s favorite toys in his hay, habitats, or in any other fun location.

5. Provide ample space to roam and play

Pets with access to large play areas will be more likely to be physically active and less prone to obesity. Set up your pet’s space with obstacle courses involving toys, play centers, and more.

Quick Tip

Stimulate your pet’s senses to encourage enrichment! Try offering toys that roll, toys that make noise, and toys with a variety of textures to excite their different senses throughout the day.

Just like the right nutrition, daily opportunities for playing, hiding, chewing and exploring are essential to your pet’s health and happiness. Learn more about how to enrich your pet’s life at