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All About Hay and Your Pet's Health
Farm Fresh Hay - The Oxbow Way

Hay should make up at least 70% of every small herbivore's diet. Every bag of Oxbow hay is:

  • Grown & harvested by experts in ideal climates
  • Extensively quality tested – from plant to pet
  • Gently processed & de-dusted to remove fine particles
  • Carefully hand-sorted by dedicated experts
  • Supported by exceptional, caring customer service
Simple Harvest Foods from Oxbow
Vet-Recommended Fortified Foods


Oxbow foods are carefully-crafted to support the nutritional needs of rabbits and guinea pigs at their specific stage of life.

  • Made with hand-selected hay & premium ingredients
  • Recommended by top exotics veterinarians
  • Prebiotics support healthy digestive function
  • Uniform formulas = complete nutrition in every bite
Fun Ways to Feed a Variety of Hays
Fun Ways to Feed a Variety of Hays - Download Our FREE Article

In addition to encouraging natural foraging behaviors and keeping mealtime fun and interesting, regular access to a variety of hays helps prevent pets from becoming picky eaters.  So, what are some fun ways to mix and match your pet’s favorite Oxbow hays? Download our new guide for some of our favorite flavor and texture combinations:

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