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Become an Oxbow Hay Expert

High quality hay is the cornerstone of small herbivore health, and feeding unlimited fresh hay to your pet is one of your most important responsibilities as a pet parent. Among many benefits, hay helps prevent obesity and digestive issues and encourages dental health. Given the critical importance of hay in your pet's health, it's important for every pet parent to become a "hay expert". Enlisting the help of our own hay experts, we have created the following videos to provide more information about everything that goes into producing and harvest hay and, more specifically, Oxbow hay. From hay plant and hay field anatomy, to practical tips at mealtime, these videos will help increase your knowledge about all things hay.

Getting to Know Your Hay
Understanding hay - from stem to seed head
  The Anatomy of a Hay Field
A closer look at how and where hay is grown
  The Importance of Feeding a Variety
Variety is the spice of life for pets too!
Hay Variability
Which factors affect the look and feel of your animal's hay?
  Ideal Conditions for Growing Hay
What does it take to grow "Oxbow" hay? Find out!
  How to Feed Hay
Tips for meeting your pet's nutrition and enrichment needs with hay.
Hay Maturity
Is first or second cutting hay best for your pet?


Getting to Know Your Hay

From stem to leaf to seed head, every hay plant is made up of key components - each of which provides unique benefits to your pet.

Dr. Micah Kohles discusses the different structural components of hay, how they benefit your pet, and what to look for when selecting hay for your animals.

(5 min 32 sec)

The Anatomy of a Hay Field

Throughout the growing season, a single hay field can contain a number of microhabitats. Many insects and small rodents call these microhabitats home throughout the year.

Learn more about the life cycle of hay, the hay harvesting process, and the quality measures Oxbow takes to assure only the best hay is packaged for your pets.

(2 min 13 sec)

The Importance of Feeding a Variety

Hay is critical to the health and wellbeing of small animals. And, just like people, pets benefit from some variety in their daily diet.

Watch as Dr. Micah Kohles discusses the key benefits and characteristics of each of Oxbow's unique hay varieties and discusses the many important benefits of feeding a variety of hays daily.

(4 min 53 sec)

Hay Variability

Hay is a product of nature, and it's not uncommon to spot subtle differences between the qualities of one bag of hay and the next.

Dr. Micah Kohles discusses these natural variations (including color and texture), their nature-related causes, and practical tips to help your pet readily accept naturally-occurring variations in hay.

(4 min 07 sec)

Ideal Conditions for Growing Hay

Growing premium hay is no small task. Oxbow works with a network of hay growers who understand the exact attributes necessary for the species we serve. Learn more about the many factors and challenges involved in growing premium hay.

(1 min 34 sec)

How to Feed Hay

Providing fresh, high quality hay is an important responsibility of every pet parent, but it can be fun and enriching for pet and pet parent as well.

Dr. Micah Kohles discusses how to feed hay in order to meet your pet's nutrition and enrichment needs.

(4 min 35 sec)

Hay Maturity

Does 1st cutting or 2nd cutting hay offer the best quality for your pet? The answer may surprise you!

Learn more about the hay growth cycle, as well as Oxbow's process for selecting and harvesting hay.

(1 min 18 sec)