Timothy Bungalows

100% all-natural timothy hay accessories are hand-woven to perfection. Oversized, all-grass accessories offer a place to rest and relax inside or outside the cage. Edible construction offers your small pet the high fiber he needs and craves. Contains no chemicals, wire, or thread for your small pet to ingest. Timothy Bungalows come in both medium (9" x 10" x 8") and large (12" x 12" x 9") sizes.

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High-fiber 100% Timothy Hay
Preservative and additive free

Timothy Bungalows come in both small and medium sizes.

Medium Size: 9 x 10 x 8, weight: 1.5 lbs
Large size: 12 x 12 x 9, weight: 2 lbs

“Providing the right food and environmental enrichment is critical to a pet's health and well being.”
Dr. Micah Kohles, DVM

5.00 out of 5.0 based on 2 reviews
  1. michaelNovember 30, 2013
    apparently it's delicious
    Rating 5 out of 5
    my rabbit loves this! but he only loves to eat it and doesn't use it for anything else unfortunately
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  2. TheodoraSeptember 27, 2014
    My Chin-Chin Loves this Product!
    Rating 5 out of 5
    I bought this as a hide-away for my chinchilla's back up cage when I clean his big cage. He loves to hide, nest, sleep & eat this bungalow. Now I need to buy him a new one for his back up cage and also plan to get one for his play pen.
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