Rat Housing

Choose a solid bottom cage that allows your rat enough room for climbing and playing. The cage should be large enough to accommodate feeding supplies, a large exercise wheel, a hide box and a tunnel for play. Your rat’s cage will need bedding, too. Oxbow’s Eco-Straw is an ideal litter for rats. Avoid aromatic cedar and pine shaving beddings. They contain resins that could irritate your rat’s skin and lungs. Hay, newspaper, paper towels, facial tissue, old mittens and socks are excellent nesting materials for rats.

Rats are very intelligent and they love to play, so make sure your pet’s home is fun and enriching. Provide tubes, ropes, tunnels and Oxbow’s Hay Cakes as toys. Your pet will enjoy tossing and carrying around his playthings.

Make sure you have these supplies for your rat:

  • Large wire cage with solid flooring
  • Hide box such as Oxbow’s Timothy Club bungalow or tunnel
  • Oxbow’s Eco-Straw or other litter or bedding
  • Water bottle
  • Heavy food bowl
  • Oxbow’s Regal Rat or other fortified pellet
  • Nesting material