General Rabbit InformationGeneral Rabbit Information

High quality grass hay provides essential fiber, which is absolutely critical for supporting a healthy digestive system.  Hay should make up at least 75% of your rabbit's diet and should be available for them to eat and forage in at all times. The rest of your rabbit's diet should consist of high quality, fortified food and treats. 

Oxbow offers healthy treats for rabbits, including: Simple Rewards Strawberry, Banana, Veggie, and Timothy Treats; Simple Rewards Lavender-Chamomile, Cranberry-Rosemary, and Papaya Medleys; Organic Barley Biscuits, Papaya Fruit Plus and Daily C. Feed your rabbit only about one cup of vegetables per day.

Rabbits naturally shed. Every year, they have an average of two big sheds. Your pet might be more prone to hairballs at this time, so make sure he has plenty of hay available to keep his digestive system clear.