Hamster Behavior

When handled gently, hamsters are very good pets. Many hamster breeds are nocturnal: they sleep during the day and are awake at night. When you reach in to pick up a sleeping hamster, make sure you scoop him up gently and allow him to wake. Poking or petting a sleeping hamster is an invitation for the hamster to bite!

You might notice your hamster’s food dish often is empty within minutes of filling it. Hamsters are notorious for hoarding food! They like to create stashes around their cages and eat the stockpiles later. Do not give in to the urge to keep adding more food, unless you have checked the cage for stashes and have found none. Hamsters stuff food, bedding, treats and anything else they find into their cheek pouches. They like to chew everything, so it’s a good idea to provide hay or a wood block to prevent them from chewing on their cages.

Some of your hamster’s behaviors are rather strange. You might notice him eating his own droppings, for example. This is a natural behavior and a good way for hamsters to receive extra vitamins and nutrients.