Chinchilla Housing

Choose a cage big enough and tall enough so your chinchilla can climb, jump, play and explore, with enough space for a dust box and fun items such as nest boxes or hammocks. Your chinchilla also needs litter material or bedding in his cage, such as Oxbow’s natural Eco-Straw. Avoid aromatic cedar and pine shavings with resins that could irritate your chinchilla’s skin and lungs. Hay always should be available to eat, as well as clean water to drink. Place your chinchilla’s home near household activities, but away from direct sunlight and drafts.

Chinchillas look forward to playtime with you. Before letting your pet out of his cage, make sure the environment is right for fun. Check cords and outlet covers. Place houseplants out of reach, because some can be poisonous. Be prepared for your pet to chew on just about anything, including curtains, carpets and furniture.

Make sure you have these supplies for your chinchilla:

  • Large cage with solid flooring
  • Hide box (cardboard box)
  • Litter box
  • Oxbow’s Eco-Straw or other litter
  • Heavy water bowl or water bottle
  • Heavy food bowl
  • Oxbow’s Chinchilla Deluxe or other fortified pellet
  • Grass hay
  • Lava dust
  • Dust bathhouse