Oxbow – The History of our Name

The name “Oxbow” pays homage to the Oxbow Trail – a passageway for settlers, miners, freighters and soldiers that passed not only through the Murdock area, but directly through our farm. Wagon ruts from the original Oxbow travelers can still be seen on the farm. They are a powerful reminder not only of our country’s history, but of the power of the human spirit and the sacrifices made in the name of a better life.

The Oxbow Trail was named for its yoke-like shape and roundabout passage from Nebraska City to Fort Kearney where it joined the Oregon Trail.  In addition to the countless settlers who traveled the Oxbow Trail west from towns like Nebraska City, Brownville, Wyoming, and Plattsmouth, the trail became a major passage of military freight companies supplying military posts and mining camps throughout the west.    

We think often of those who passed over the land the Miller family has had the honor of stewarding for five generations. In a way, each Oxbow product that enters the market honors the hopes, dreams, and sacrifices of these pioneers. Working to live up to the Oxbow name and all of its symbolism is a tall order – one that helps everyone at our company be at our very best each day.

Today, our products are shipped across the country and all over the world where they provide essential nutrition and benefits to their animal end users.  Just as the original travelers of the Oxbow trail persevered in hopes of a better life, we too work in hope of betterment – of the health and wellbeing of pets the world over.