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Farm Fresh Hay

Farm-Fresh Hay

an essential staple of any animal diet

High-quality hay is essential to the health of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, prairie dogs and other small herbivores. High-quality hay provides a long-strand fiber source that is needed to improve the digestive and intestinal function by stimulating the digestive system.

Fortified Food

Fortified Food

for maximizing your pet’s health

Oxbow believes in feeding animals according to their stage of life. Lifestaged feeding involves being aware of the changes and needs of your pet. Oxbow's high-fiber, pelleted formulas are recommended and used by top exotic veterinarians worldwide. Pets given the proper food, minimal treats, and unlimited amounts of hay live the longest, healthiest lives.

Treats and Supplements

Healthy Treats & Supplements

enrich with care

Anything you do to better the life of your pet is considered enrichment. A larger cage, time to romp, and introducing a new smell or taste to your pet are all forms of enrichment. Giving treats is often a form of immediate enrichment, but there are ways to maximize their benefit. Treat time is social time, and pets enjoy the company and attention they receive. Small, healthy treats from Oxbow are a great way to spend time interacting with your pet.

Bene Terra Organic

BeneTerra Organic

grown, handled, and processed with care

BeneTerra (pronounced be • neh • terr • uh) is a noun meaning good earth. BeneTerra Organic is a nutritionally-correct organic feed designed to mirror the nutrition a small animal would find in its natural environment. Pets given the proper food, minimal treats, and unlimited hay live the longest, healthiest lives. Organic foods differ from conventionally produced food in the way they are grown, handled, and processed. Organic foods are produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations.



100% fun, 100% safe

Animals love to explore places and enjoy their environment. Our 100% all-natural timothy hay accessories are hand-woven and tailor-made to provide them a place to explore, rest, or relax. Because they are great source of fiber and 100% edible, there are no worries as to safety and absolutely no chemicals, wire, or thread for your small pet to ingest.



a better option

Pet health can not only be tied to nutrition, but can also be directly tied to the types of litter or bedding they use. If it’s not changed enough, there can be a problem. In addition, using non-natural materials can also cause a problem. We’ve created a solution that is far safer for pets, and over 300% more absorbent as newspaper-based litter.

 Professional Line

Professional Line

standard-setting care

Oxbow’s Critical Care assist feeding formula set the industry standard for the care of convalescent pet herbivores. This paved the way for the development of the Oxbow Professional Line, Oxbow’s veterinarian-referral line of products Carnivore Care and FIBRevive. Each restorative and effective product in the Oxbow Professional Line is a convenient to use, one-step, powdered formula – just add water!

Natural Science

a customizable approach to small animal nutrition

The Natural Science line is a customizable nutrition program designed to meet the needs of pet owners seeking a premium, individualized approach to their pets' health.  These fortified foods and focused supplements allow pet owners to create custom feeding regimens and promote the bond between pet owners and their companions.