Small Paw Prints Newsletters

Oxbow’s Small Paw Prints are an ongoing series of educational newsletters that teach pet owners valuable health care tips and nutrition management techniques for small animals. The educational series draws from Oxbow’s unique relationships with multiple facets of the pet care industry and a commitment to improve the lives of small animals through premium products.

Small Paw Prints focus on small animal topics, such as feeding a balanced diet, understanding the importance of hay, learning about product ingredients, and preventative care, to name a few.

Click on the links below to view Oxbow's Small Paw Prints:

Meal Time Become a Hay Expert Professional Pellet-Picker
Mealtime Planning Become a Hay Expert Professional Pellet-Picker
 It's a Dirty Job Congratulations Graduate Head-to-Paw Care
 It's a Dirty Job  Congratulations, Graduate  Head-to-Paw Care
   Snack Time  
   Snack Time