Guinea Pig Housing

Your guinea pig needs a well-ventilated cage with plenty of room to jump and play, rest, eat and explore. Hay and clean water always should be available. It’s also important to provide exercise and playtime to promote good health and good behavior.

Choose a safe environment that encourages your guinea pig’s natural playing behaviors. Guinea pigs like to dig and chew, so be sure to supervise exercise and playtime when he is outside of his cage. Cover all electrical cords, move plants out of his reach and move heavy objects that could tip over.

Make sure you have these supplies for your guinea pig:

  • Heavy ceramic water bowl or water bottle
  • Heavy ceramic food bowl
  • Oxbow’s Cavy Performance (for guinea pigs under one year)
  • Oxbow’s Cavy Cuisine (for guinea pigs over one year)
  • At least two varieties of Oxbow’s farm-fresh grass hay
  • Large cage with solid floor
  • Litter box
  • Oxbow’s Eco-Straw or other litter
  • Hide box such as Oxbow’s Timothy Club bungalow or tunnel
  • Guinea-pig-safe toys