General Chinchilla Information

Oxbow offers Chinchilla Deluxe, alfalfa-based pellets with a healthy balance of fiber, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and chelated minerals for chinchillas of all ages.

When chinchillas are stressed or not getting enough fiber, they chew their fur. To avoid this, provide unlimited hay, regular dust baths and a comfortable house.

Oxbow offers healthy treats for chinchillas, including: Simple Rewards Strawberry, Banana, Veggie, and Timothy Treats; Simple Rewards Lavender-Chamomile, Cranberry-Rosemary, and Papaya Medleys; Organic Barley Biscuits, Papaya Fruit Plus and Daily C. When scared, chinchillas release tufts of hair as a defense mechanism. Don’t worry! It will grow back.