Buster's Story
Thu, March 26, 2009

Ten years ago, our gardeners found Buster wandering in the street. He was just a baby, but was well groomed with trimmed nails. We tried to find his original owner but were unable to do so. Thus, he joined our family and has been with us since that time. His health has been excellent, which we attribute to his diet. The bulk of his diet has consisted of Bunny Basics T. He also gets handfuls of two different grasses every morning choosing from your Oat Hay, Alfalfa, Western Timothy, and Orchard Grass. This is all topped off by a generous helping of fresh kale twice daily. His favorite hay is, obviously, the Alfalfa. He is still as vigorous as he was 10 years ago and seems to be enjoying his life with us. His best friend is Coco, our Standard Poodle. Buster plays “Try to Catch Me” with Coco every morning when we let him out of his cage for exercise. He has been a real joy in our lives and we attribute much of his good health to the Oxbow product line.

Dr. and Mrs. Norman Nadel