Oxbow faces

Oxbow Shipping



If you didn’t know any better you’d think that we employ four humming birds in our shipping department. Jeff, Carolyn, Scott, and Luke fill and ship orders with grace and speed. Working in harmonic unison with each other in a choreographed ballet of forklifts and pallet jacks, they deliver a winning performance featuring accurate, on-time shipments. How’s that for high culture in the warehouse?!

Oxbow Production



From the hay field, to bags, to boxes and shipping containers, the production team is the grease that keeps the big wheels of the Oxbow machine turning. Jim W., Jim J., and Ramon head up the production Dream Team – a group that invests blood, sweat and tears every day to create high-quality products for you. OK…so it’s mostly sweat. Safety Steve makes sure that almost no blood and tears are shed! Big wheels keep on turnin’…

Oxbow Customer Care


Customer Care

Diane, Kelli, Pam, and Teresa make up the world-famous Customer Care team of Oxbow Animal Health. These global ambassadors of phone lines and cyberspace eagerly meet, greet and serve our customers every day. They are the life blood to the Oxbow Nation. Like dogs waiting for the mailman (very cute dogs), the Customer Care team stands ready to answer your questions pertaining to all things small animal.

Oxbow Accounting



Listen to the sounds of rhythmic typing accompanied by the tornadic whirr of a paper shredder, and you’ll know you’re approaching Oxbow’s world class accounting department. Because Patti, Lisa and Jamie are committed to balancing, reconciling, and justifying everything in their numeric universe, the rest of us are able to sleep more soundly at night. Here’s to you, Sultan of the Spreadsheet, for keeping Oxbow balanced and under control!

Oxbow Technical Services

Technical Services

Dr. Micah, Bob, and Amy know small animals and animal nutrition. They lead Oxbow’s efforts to boldly develop new, nutritionally-sound products, and then make sure all products are tested to meet the highest standards of quality. With their brains finely tuned to the details and their hearts always in sync with your love for your pet, Oxbow’s Tech Services gurus can answer your toughest questions. Dedicated to learning and sharing what they know, these Über-brainiacs are even fun to work with!

Oxbow Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

When they’re not building forts out of hay bales in the barn, you’ll most likely find Oxbow’s crack sales and marketing team crafting their next piece of genius at ‘Round the Bend, the local watering hole. Melissa, Chris, Lucas, Jeremy, Brandon and Tracy are a perfect storm of creative talent as they plot and scheme to keep Oxbow products flowing out the door. The team’s signature cocktail: three parts analysis, two parts luck, and a splash of hard work. Shaken, not stirred. Garnished with a sprig of brilliance.