The Oxbow Academy was established in 2004 as part of our commitment to truly provide for the health and well-being of small animals. We create long-lasting programs that educate pet owners, support small animal organizations, and work to stimulate information exchange between animal interest groups and associations.

The Oxbow Academy donates to a variety of animal rescue and humane organizations and provides grants and scholarships for future exotic veterinarians and animal caretakers. An extension of the Academy, The Oxbow Junior Veterinary Camp, provides children a way to learn about the veterinary field. In addition, we offer training and educational workshops, provide guest speakers, sponsor conferences and donate animal food to shelters. Lastly, this website serves as a constant resource for helpful information on animal care and nutrition.

By being proactive and working closely with small animals, their owners, and caregivers, we can help achieve an environment where pets can live longer and healthier lives.