Coco's Story
Wed, February 29, 2012

Pet of the Month

In Memory of - Coco

I'm writing this letter in loving memory of my cherished bunny Coco, a tender and special creature that for nearly 9 years filled our hearts and lives with that special kind of magic that springs from unconditional love and loyalty, these wonderful qualities of our pets.

My sweet love, this should have been a surprise for your 9th birthday.  I often promised you that you would once become Oxbow’s Pet of the Month and many times I had thought that February (the month of your birthday), would represent a nice occasion.

I couldn't certainly imagine that you would leave me on the first night of winter, the coldest night I'll ever remember.  And even if I'm mad with grief, and missing you so badly, I don't want this letter to convey sadness, but instead to serve as a lovely account of the wonderful life we had together. 

I still remember the day when we first met. Your special personality was clear from the very first moment I saw you hopping toward me with those sparkling, wonderful, dark eyes. You made my heart melt and I immediately understood you would be the furry love of my life! It was surely love at first sight! YOU chose me, and I'll always be thankful for the joy and love you brought into our home, for all the funny moments and the help you gave me through difficult times in my life.

You were the most affectionate, loving, cuddle bunny one could desire.  The bond between us was so great, that upon losing you, I've lost a part of myself.  You were such a little loyal friend, full of energy that made you run around the garden at lightning speed when you were a baby, and play with your “girlfriend” (a volleyball) as an adult. You were really in love with your ball “girlfriend” and the hanging sock inside your cage. You used to play with them for hours, giving them lots of love! And you were so cute when you stretched out on the floor relaxing with those little bunny feet out behind and in front of you!

You were loved and treated like a king.  We did our best to make sure you had the very best of everything, and always fed you only with Oxbow products, which you simply adored! Papaya tablets were at first your favorite treat, but your interest shifted to the heart-shaped Barley Biscuits.  The Simple Rewards treats and Medleys also drove you crazy. I think you could kill to get them! If I picked you up after giving you the biscuit, you wouldn't release it for any reason in the whole world!

I always kept a full stock of Oxbow products, because you wouldn't eat anything different (apart from carrots, mixed salad and fruit!) You were a really picky eater! And I have to thank our Oxbow friends (and our wonderful vet, who suggested to feed you with them and always nursed you fondly), because your health and wellness were granted until the end of your life thanks to their products!

You knew how to draw attention and put on antics to receive a reward! And it was so funny to find you waiting for your morning reward like an athlete behind the starting grid, ready to jump when you saw my father approaching!

Everyone loved you and made a fuss of you.  It couldn't be helped!

You would always have a long cuddle with me before I went to bed.  You loved to lick my hand while I stroked your cheeks, ears, and bum!  And if you felt you weren't getting enough attention, you would nudge our feet with your head to tell us you were there, or rattle your cage to be let out, to explore every nook and cranny of our house and garden. You were a real discoverer, a little ball of fluff that behaved as a bold hero, but then jumped back when you met our tortoise in the garden!

You always had to check out whatever happened around you, investigate if anyone came to the door and be nosey whenever we were doing something. And your small, perfect ears...always ready to listen to voices and sounds around you! But one of the things you loved the most was ripping paper to pieces.  You really seemed possessed when you scratched and snapped at it!

When you slept curled up into a ball, you really looked like a fur-bomb, as I often called you! You loved to skip and roll on your back or jump your back feet in the air when you were happy. And you also loved to run up and down the stairs and to follow me everywhere, climbing my leg for attention or hiding here and there and causing me a lot of trouble when I had to find and catch you. I could write a hundred pages about you and all these memories will always fill my heart.

I will treasure every moment spent together.  I'll always remember the special bond we had. It's been a blessing for us all to share 9 years of our lives with you.  You brought the very best out of each of us.  Our lives would have been infinitely poorer without your love.

You're now my furry Angel. I'll never forget the smart look in your sparkling eyes, and even if the house is so empty without you, these 9 years together have been so full of love, that nothing will ever be able to erase them. I only hope you know how much I loved you and that I'd give anything to have you back. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and wish you were still here with me. I'm sure you're now hopping and thumping in the green meadows of Heaven, near the Rainbow Bridge, telling all your new furry friends that you loved us as much as we loved you. One day we'll meet again and this time it'll be forever. I love you, and I'll always keep you in my heart.

My love for you will never die, because you were and still are the joy of my life.  Take care up there.

With Love,

Thank you, for choosing me that day,
Thank you, for all the love you gave,
Thank you, for all the joyful days,
Without you, it'll never be the same.