Nugget's Story
Wed, December 31, 2008


Recently, I thought I would lose Nugget very shortly as she was eating so little that her body was boney and very frail. Our vet said that he didn't believe she had cancer like her other family members but was succumbing to old age and that her major organs might be starting to shut down. He suggested that I try Oxbow Critical Care for Nugget and gave me a syringe to use for her feeding. That was a few short weeks ago. Since then, Nugget, though still thin, has put on some weight and avoided becoming critically ill.

When I show my affection for Nugget, she often raises her head to reciprocate by licking my nose and chin. It is a very touching, humbling experience that often brings me to tears. I love her so and thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to keep her with me a little bit longer. 


Vivienne Mansfield