Billy Burk's Story
Wed, October 29, 2008


There are no words to explain the wonderful joy that came into my life August 5, 1999. The one pound chinchilla, Billy and I quickly formed a bond and became a family. Billy was my gift and I was his. We played and enjoyed each other every day. His natural curiosity and zealous attitude taught me that the world was truly a wondrous place. Billy showed me that life is so tender, so fragile, and so very precious.

Some souls pass through this lifetime- they touch our heart and return to heaven once again as Billy did on January 23, 2006. The blessing of his being and the boundlessness with which I loved him will live in my heart and mind until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge and are reunited forever.

Here are some pictures of my immortal beloved Billy. Your Critical Care kept him alive the last couple of years of his life because his teeth were not good enough to eat hardly anything.Billy Burk

I am using cards I receive to make a little memorial behind his urn. Cards can be sent to the following address and are greatly appreciated:

Donna Sue Burk
5312 Bluff View Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46217

Billy Burk