Veterinary Tech School Support

Oxbow’s Educational Partnership Program (EPP) is designed to support veterinary tech schools and their students. The EPP currently assists more than 20 veterinary tech programs by providing educational materials, pet food and supplies, and other educational support.

Each school has a student representative who communicates with Oxbow on a regular basis. The EPP program provides an opportunity for students to learn more about the health and nutrition of non-traditional and exotic pets.

EPP Program Benefits:

  • Product Support – the school receives product support to help care for animals kept at the school.
  • Up-to-date Information – students receive the most current information pertaining to exotic animals.
  • Presentations – Oxbow offers educational literature and presentations.
  • Scholarship Opportunities – veterinary tech students can compete for academic scholarships sponsored by Oxbow Animal Health.

This special partnership with veterinary tech schools allows Oxbow Animal Health to stay on the cutting edge of exotic animal nutrition and clinical care while we support the development of new generations of veterinary technicians.

For more information on Oxbow’s EPP program, or to become an EPP representative for your school, contact