Keeping Pets Safe Outside - (Infographic)      

Autumn is upon us and the weather is finally cooling off! The mid-summer heat may have made outdoor excursions intolerable, if not impossible. Now that the weather is less hot and humid, you may find yourself in a position where you can share the outdoors with your pets and provide them with additional physical and mental enrichment.

We at Oxbow encourage you to play outside with your beloved furry companion under careful supervision and with the proper preparation. How can you keep your small animal safe? Here are some useful tips:


  • Give your pet a safe, secure, and enclosed area that they can’t jump or dig out of. Exercise pens work well for this.
  • Check for plants and/or lawn grass that may have been treated with pesticides/fertilizers or may be poisonous.
  • Watch your pet for heatstroke. Visit here to learn more about the signs of heatstroke.
  • Always provide your pet with access to water and shade. 
  • Be selective about the time of day that you are your pet are outside. Direct sunlight can be stressful for some species. 


  • Leave your pet by themselves. Predators such as dogs, birds, raccoons, and even other humans can quickly harm your small pet.
  • Exposure to the wind, wet, heat, or sun can be fatal. Make sure to keep your pet dry and cool.
  • Bug infestations are unpleasant, painful, and can be fatal. Fly strike is a very serious condition that can develop if your pet accidentally becomes infested. Make sure to check your furry friend for ticks and other insects after being outside.

Please keep in mind that the great outdoors can also be stressful for a small animal that hasn’t been outside before. By starting off with short intervals outside, your furry companion will be able to better adjust to new sights, sounds, and smells.

That being said, being outside can be a great opportunity for animals to exercise and explore. Your pet will greatly benefit from the physical, mental, and nutritional enrichment of being able to relax in their natural environment while engaging in behaviors such as grazing and foraging. Once proper precautions have been taken, your pet will undoubtedly enjoy the fresh air as much as you do!