Oxbow introduces Cinch Munson as Manager of Product Quality & Innovation
Mon, April 2, 2012


Contact: Deb Buhro, Chief Operating Officer    
Phone: 1-800-249-0366
Email: jbaker@oxbowanimalhealth.com
URL: oxbowanimalhealth.com

Murdock, NE, March 19, 2012--Oxbow Animal Health has announced the hiring of Cinch Munson as Manager of Product Quality & Innovation.  Oxbow’s Manager of Product Quality & Innovation is a member of the company’s leadership team and is responsible for leading Quality Assurance, Product Development and Technical Customer Support.  

Cinch comes to Oxbow Animal Health with fourteen years of experience in supply chain management systems, process verification, quality improvement programs, and business innovation.  An honors graduate of the Animal Science department at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Cinch received his Master of Science in Animal Science from Colorado State University, where his research focused on hay production, storage, and feeding as part of a complete ranch management system.           

“We are very excited to welcome Cinch to the Oxbow team,” said Deborah Buhro, Chief Operating Officer for Oxbow.  “Cinch brings a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience to the position of Manager of Product Quality & Innovation.  His education, experience, enthusiasm and leadership ability make him a perfect fit not only for the position, but for the culture of our company as well.  We look forward to Cinch’s contributions in the months and years ahead.”  

In expressing his enthusiasm at the opportunity to join the Oxbow team, Cinch spoke specifically to the company’s history and core values.  "I have been impressed with Oxbow Animal Health for years.  I am honored and excited to bring my skills, talents, and passion to an organization that is committed to doing the right things for the right reasons."

Oxbow Animal Health is a worldwide supplier of premium life-staged foods and supportive care products for small exotic animals. Used and recommended by top exotic animal veterinarians worldwide, Oxbow offers an extensive line of superior quality, high-fiber hay, pellet products, treats and supplements for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters and adult pet rats. Oxbow's mission is to provide superior-quality food and forage products for specialized animal markets. Oxbow accomplishes this through genuine concern for animals and their caregivers, educational awareness of nutritional needs, a high standard of product excellence, research and development of new products, and highly personalized service.