Oxbow Animal Health introduces Natural Science™ Fortified Foods and Supplements
Thu, February 2, 2012


Contact: Melissa Ross, Marketing Operations Manager
Phone: 1-800-249-0366
Email: mross@oxbowanimalhealth.com
URL: oxbowanimalhealth.com

Murdock, NE - Oxbow Animal Health, a leader in the innovative care and nutrition of small and exotic animals worldwide, has announced the release of a new line of premium fortified foods and hay-based herbal supplements for small animals.  The line, called Natural Science, meets the needs of pet owners seeking a premium, individualized approach to their pets’ health. 

Natural Science Adult Guinea Pig and Adult Rabbit foods are all-natural, and contain 3 varieties of grass hay and a novel ingredient deck that provide a highly-palatable alternative while still maintaining nutritional balance in a uniform presentation.  Natural Science supplements provide targeted, customizable support in five categories of wellness: digestive, joint, urinary, and immune health, and a multi-vitamin for overall health.

Key benefits of Natural Science Adult Rabbit and Adult Guinea Pig foods include:

• Unique, novel ingredients such as yellow pea, tomato pomace, and canola offer variety while maintaining proper nutrition
• Long-strand fiber from timothy, orchard and oat hay sources supports digestive health and function
• All-natural antioxidants and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids promote overall wellness and body systems support
• Prebiotics support a healthy gastrointestinal (GI) system

Key benefits of the Natural Science supplements include:

• 5 unique formulas target wellness in 5 common health categories
• Support customized feeding regimens to target individual pets’ specific needs
• Made with premium, herbal ingredients that support health and wellness in pets
• No additives, preservatives, or artificial colors

“We are excited to introduce the Natural Science foods and supplements, as well as the concept of the Natural Science Individualized Nutrition Program,” said Melissa Ross, Marketing Operations Manager at Oxbow.  “The Natural Science foods are a great option for rabbit and guinea pig owners interested in incorporating novel, premium ingredients into their companions’ daily diet.  While unlimited water, free choice grass hay, and nutritionally-correct fortified foods in moderation provide the nutrition required of healthy pets, some pets with a history or predisposition to certain health conditions can benefit from the inclusion of herbal ingredients not readily available in conventional feeds.  For focused support needs, the Natural Science Supplements make providing customized nutritional support possible.”    
Oxbow Animal Health is a worldwide supplier of premium life-staged foods and supportive care products for small exotic animals. Used and recommended by top exotic animal veterinarians worldwide, Oxbow offers an extensive line of superior quality, high-fiber hay, pellet products, treats and supplements for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters and adult pet rats. Oxbow's mission is to provide superior-quality food and forage products for specialized animal markets. Oxbow accomplishes this through genuine concern for animals and their caregivers, educational awareness of nutritional needs, a high standard of product excellence, research and development of new products, and highly personalized service.